The Compliance Paradox – Adopting a right-sized compliance program that meets your organization’s needs but does not transition you from IGNORANCE to NEGLIGENCE.

Not knowing what you need to do for compliance is a problem and possible defense; understanding and documenting what you should do and NOT doing it is so much worse. Building your compliance with BostonCOMPLY delivers a proper program, leading you out of IGNORANCE. Our Practical Compliance Automation™ sustains the program, establishes an audit system of record and keeps you out of the bear trap of NEGLIGENCE.

What is BostonCOMPLY?

  • BostonCOMPLY combines professional services with our state-of-the-art Practical Compliance Automation™ platform to deliver a complete compliance solution.
  • Your organization has a unique technology and business footprint, and it functions in a specific regulatory landscape; BostonCOMPLY delivers customized compliance programs to meet your specific requirements.
  • Your BostonCOMPLY program includes the right amount of practical staff training and assurance activities to meet your industry, customer, partner and regulatory requirements without creating undue burdens on your staff.
  • Compliance programs are delivered within the Practical Compliance Automation™ platform which automates, manages and tracks all of the necessary details to maintain your compliance program with auditability.
  • Practical Compliance Automation serves as the historical and audit system-of-record for document approval, staff training and the execution of compliance activities.
  • Practical Compliance Automation provides simple score cards and reports for full transparency into how your compliance program is being run.

BostonCOMPLY and Practical Compliance Automation™ Features

Compliance Software Benefits

  • Automates your compliance management so you can run your business while knowing that your compliance program remains up-to-date
  • Supports the full range of compliance content including complex, industry-specific content for life sciences (GxP), financial services, law offices and other industries
  • Replaces inefficient and error prone spreadsheets, shared folders, email chains and manual tracking
  • Monitors and schedules all required compliance activities including inspections, verifications, validations and attestations
  • Schedules training, document renewals and activities with personalized dashboards and automated staff reminders
  • Automatically schedules and manages new employee compliance training
  • Proactively ensures that you are doing what you need to do when you need to do it
  • Allows customers who outsource all or part of their IT support to leverage the compliance programs of participating Managed Service Providers and present a holistic picture of their compliance activities